Succession Planning

Simple Succession Planning

Imagine a portal, where you can put all the vacancies you need to fill now and in the future. Employees have full access to this portal and HR is able to see who is interested in which role. Employees take ownership and HR maintains a position of control as they can view the employees that have the  eligibility and the suitability for any given position.

 Key Benefits

  • Employees are engaged and retained because they are offered an easy way to pursue a career within your company based on their specific employment preferences.
  • Succession planning is fully automated, enabling HR to focus on key decisions rather than manual tracking.
  • Excellent decisions are made due to having a complete view of current performance, education, skills and behavioral competencies as they relate to specific jobs.
  • Areas for development are clearly identified via the Job Success Analysis reports.
  • The same quality solution is provided for any level of the organisation, not just the levels at the top.

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Developing career paths for the organisation and the employee.

Provides a list of careers and an indication of how likely the employee would enjoy that career option.

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