Case Studies

MONERE Development Services are a well-known and highly regarded Irish training company. We run a variety of different training courses and offer technical training solutions, graduate development programmes and grow your own leader programmes. Our clients range from SME’s of various sizes to large corporates.

We have engaged the services of Human-ByDesign on various projects over the past 18 months, primarily using their reports as part of our pre-workshop diagnostic.

In that time, we have found Human-ByDesign to be responsive to our needs as a customer, helpful and always willing to provide advice and guidance as to how we can get the most out of the service and the reports.

The reports themselves are well presented and we have found the information to be very comprehensive and accurate.

We currently use the reports as a way to help our course participants understand their strengths and development areas as well as gain deeper insight into themselves and in some instances support the learner to identify a career path that is most likely to give them job satisfaction, which is very helpful.

Recently we decided to purchase the licence for the career reports and this offers us the flexibility to run the reports in-house and keep our costs to a minimum, which is another value-add.

For the above reasons I have no hesitation in recommending Human-ByDesign as a provider of the services outlined above.

Monica Murphy – CEO, MONERE Development Services.

Human-ByDesign were excellent to work with. Their knowledge and partnership made the process a great experience and I highly recommend Sharon and the team. It was a pleasure to work with Sharon and I want to thank her sincerely for her time investment and for working with me so closely on the results. Her insights are amazing and opened up so many options. Thank you so much.

Peter Fitzgerald – Global Business Manager, Microsoft Co.

We use testing that Sharon @ Human-ByDesign provides as a part of our recruitment process and it has really benefited us in not only determining the right profile before getting into a time consuming process but it also allows us to identify areas of improvement in potential employees, which in turn allows us to explore those specific areas to eliminate any areas of concern thus finding the right candidate.

Stephen O’Connor – MD Camden Recruitment

To whom it may concern, I connected with Sharon at the beginning of 2018 and we got on so well and connected and with similar drive and outlook

I commissioned Sharon to assist in the Fortune Marketing’s growth strategy for 2018 to find and assess candidates for the role of Marketing assistant, Sharon was the consummate professional, keeping me in the loop always and setting up meetings and calls to keep me right up to speed on the process which was very reassuring.

There was never a hard sell and always was there to be “Of service” with our values and objectives in mind.

We have found the candidate we were looking for and I would have no hesitation in recommending Sharon/Human-ByDesign as an integral part of any Company’s team if they want to move forward proactively and professionally. Sharon will continue to work with Fortune Marketing from here on in.

John Fortune – CEO Fortune Marketing

Human-ByDesign helped my business by giving me an added insight into my personality in relation to work enjoyment and tasks.

I am looking to promote this as a service so it is valuable to meet with Sharon to learn the proper analysis of the assessments.  I would highly recommend not just companies engage with you, but also individuals.

For companies it gives huge insight into how best to utilize and manage human resources.

For individuals the increasing awareness they have about their careers, jobs and tasks is essential for them to make decisions and achieve their goals.

I would recommend Human-ByDesign and hope to use the assessments in my own business going forward. Sharon was professional, warm and approachable.

Morgan O’Connell – MD Arrow Coach

I cannot speak highly enough about the 1:1 coaching session performed by Sharon. The traits report captured, among others, my life themes, strengths, retention and engagement and interests with extreme accuracy. The career report re-confirmed for me my planned next move.

The reports provide significant insights into tasks and interests which do not align for me personally. Having this level of insight, which can be easily interpreted by my business partners, is invaluable and immediately actionable as to where we align specific tasks/projects within our company. It has proven for me to be an extremely well worth and valuable process to have undertaken.

Brendan Franks – Business Coach Peak Performance Coaching

We use Human-ByDesign with each of our potential hires to add to our interview process. By conducting a testing process with each candidate we feel it adds additional information and insight about a candidate’s natural outlook, that may not be obvious from a meeting. Human-ByDesign is easy to share and the response is fast and doesn’t leave space for doubt or error.

Paul McClatchie – Chief Executive Engage People Recruitment

I found Human-ByDesign to be extremely in tune with our organisations needs and asked the right questions to get a full picture of requirements for our job descriptions and person specifications.

I would recommend to other companies as we found the process useful and the whole approach to be friendly, professional and appropriate to our needs.

Patricia Dunne – Chief Executive Aster Family Support

Our company sells Hair and Beauty products, we operate primarily in the Hair and Beauty Industry and have a number of stores across Dublin.

We asked Human-ByDesign to take stock of our employees and to define and measure the key behaviours would drive performance in our company.

Our primary focus was on creating a culture of engaged employees and also to understand the factors that would increase engagement levels amongst our employees.

Key behaviours such as high levels of customer service and professionalism as well as problem solving and the ability to take accountability are behaviours SARAMI HAIR employees needed to demonstrate in the new culture.

All our employees went through a development programme using analytics as the basis for interventions both on an individual and team level.

Each employee was taken through the data which came out of their reports. We found the reports easy to understand and the outputs really helpful, as they identified with a high degree of accuracy the work preferences of our employees, as well as how each employee prefers to be managed.

Through this information we were able to develop career pathways for our employees and we also re – engineered a number of job profiles to ensure work preferences were aligned with work tasks.

The result was we retained valuable staff members who were looking for the next step up in their career and we also were supported by Human-ByDesign to have the hard conversations with some employees that were not a good fit to our future organisational culture.

We would highly recommend using Human-ByDesign, as we found both the data from the reports and
the methodology they used extremely effective in helping us engage and retain our employees.

We are also currently using analytics as part of our performance management system to ensure our employees feel aligned to work tasks they enjoy and perform well in.

Sarah Cundill – MD Heavenly Hair Ltd

Thornleigh Green, Applewood Village, Swords, Co. Dublin.

I wish to recommend the services of Ms. Sharon Miller, HR Analytics, as a highly skilled and unique service provider in the recruitment and selection process for your staffing needs. I give this recommendation on the basis of the exceptionally successful process which she designed and implemented in the recruitment and selection of new secretaries at Thornleigh ETNS last year.

It may seem unusual for a school to hire a HR professional to assist in recruitment of secretarial staff, however, such was deemed the importance of getting the process right and getting the best outcome for the school that we hired Ms. Miller to oversee the process. After the appointment of a Principal, the appointment of the best secretarial staff can often impact on the right functioning of a school in an efficient, welcoming and harmonious way. The Board engaged Ms. Miller at an early stage in the process. Firstly, she worked to establish the needs of the school, the skills and attributes of an effective school secretary and desirable qualities which would best suit the culture and ethos of the school.

I have been involved in recruitment of school staff for almost twenty years and I can honestly say that this was the most effective process I have participated in. Ms. Miller, having carried out detailed analysis of our needs and demands, carried out her psychometric online testing of the shortlisted candidates. She followed this up with a telephone interview with each candidate. On the basis of her findings she presented the selection board with a written report outlining the probable strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. She participated in the formal interviews and guided us to get the best possible outcome of the interviews.

Perhaps, surprisingly, what resulted from Ms. Miller’s contribution was a very clear picture of each of the candidates. At her suggestion we changed the plan to hire one full time secretary to the hiring of one 3/4WTE and one 1/2WTE positions to take full advantage of the amazingly talented people who presented for interview. We spilt the role in two focusing on the specific skills of the two top candidates whom we really wanted to employ. Either one would have been a great find but being able to employ both, with their very different skill sets, has made all the difference.

What was the outcome? We employed two highly skilled, complementary, and highly motivated people who had the capacity to work together and work separately paying attention to the specific tasks assigned to them. This overcame our previous experience where challenges existed when one person was asked to meet all of the needs in a demanding environment. I am pleased to say that the appointments were a huge success and the school has been able to function in a more effective and competent way both in its presentation to parents and the community and also in meeting its statutory and financial reporting requirements to the Department of Education and other agencies.

I have absolutely no doubt that without Ms. Miller’s role in scoping, recruiting and selecting the right people we would not have had quite the outstanding success we achieved. We not only have effective, happy and skilled people but the way we reshaped the roles means all task are carried out to a timely and high standard and we have total confidence in our systems and our people.

On the basis of this experience, I have no hesitation in recommending Ms. Sharon Miller as a highly skilled HR Professional to be used in small or large scale recruitment processes.

James Kavanagh – Chairperson, Board of Management.

Transcending a VUCA World. (VUCA = Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity).

Americana Group are a leading restaurant food processing and distribution company, based in the Middle East. The Group’s network encompasses 12 of the world’s most recognised  fine dining brands  including: KFC, Pizza Hut, Hardee’s, TGI Friday, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, LongHorn, Signor Sassi and The Counter, to name a few. The company has a Billion + turnover, with 63,000 employees and global reach.

The leadership team (under the guidance of Charles May), used HATS to identify behaviours which were holding back the team, so that they could regain focus and develop a strategy to help them thrive in the  VUCA world they were in.

We are a big group in the middle East, in 13 countries, with 63,000 employees. Over the last 22 years I have used all different kinds of Assessment tools , HATS by far is the best, because HATS gets to the root cause of the issues, as it deals with the trait level.

HR Director Seddik.

The Situation

What was the situation?

” We were dealing with a number of issues in the Middle East and a lot of unrest economically and politically, businesses were being negatively impacted.

We knew we needed to adapt our leadership style and to adjust to the new uncertain business landscape; We called on HATS to help in adapting our leadership style to match the VUCA world we were in.”

We needed to not surrender to the current state and get help in order for us to step up and meet the challenges of our new environment.

How did HATS support you?

“Charles May and his VUCA model was a big help. HATS helped us to bridge the gap and adjust our leadership style, this had real bottom line results as we continue to remain strong, where many other companies in the region are still suffering”

What are the Key Benefits of HATS?

“HATS is a very adaptable tool and very economical to use, over the past 22 years I have used a variety of international tools, HATS is by far the best tool both economically as well as in terms of the results it provides.”

“The best thing about HATS is you can modify the usage of the generated report to identify performance gaps, in Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement and for Succession Planning.”

Since the first GAC operation was set up in Kuwait by Swedish entrepreneur Bengt Lindwall in 1956, the Group has evolved into the widely-recognised global provider of integrated shipping, logistics, marine and related services.

I’ve worked with a number of systems over the years when I came into GAC, HATS was already being used, specifically in terms of recruitment. I wanted to see if this tool was going to be an acceptable fit.I printed the JSF report identifying traits essential for the job, you can test whether the person is a precise fit for the job. In the same report it tells you how to attract the candidate, which is critical for me.

You also have a report which tells you how to treat the individual right from the start as each individual needs to be treated differently.

There is also a consistency threshold they need to pass. When they go through the questionnaire, they are asked the same question twice.

I now have a lot more insight in terms of knowing where to look for the critical things.

Craig Stewart: HR Director GAC

How has HATS benefited GAC?

We used the tool for recruitment as well as identify performance gaps in our employees.

The tool can also be customised which means you can change the template, to measure the traits that you need for specific jobs. In Russia we have already done that for a number of roles, with great success.

From the candidate perspective the time it takes to receive and complete the questionnaire is almost instantaneous, from a users point of view this is fantastic.

The reports are also very nice to give and share with them (and their families – showed my wife and she agreed) when undertaking training and development interventions.

Another key advantage of the test is it is very cost effective, quick and easy to use for both parties.