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The world is changing fast, so traditional approaches to career transitioning aren’t working anymore. 
If you are thinking of career transitioning or have tried to find a job and are left feeling frustrated – it’s not your fault! 
It’s because the old methods aren’t working anymore and what you need is a personalised strategy, because; what got you here won’t get you there! 

Our Human-ByDesign career transitioning method is based on scientific principles which have supported thousands of people just like you avoid the trial and error trap’ and successfully transition to their most fulfilling career path. 

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We offer three types of service


  • Career assessments and profiling, to diagnose best-fit career paths.
  • Practical job hunting resources and networks along with a structured process for identifying transferable skills.
  • 1-1 counseling services, with an experienced, certified career coach.
  • Developing a Master CV and tailoring it to a specific job/market.
  • Conducting mock interviews, offering advice and guidance on different interview styles and approaches, providing access to a bank of interview questions and providing a safe environment to practice and get feedback.
  • Build confidence and self-esteem with an experienced career coach.

1. Executive Coaching: Where we match the individual to one of our experienced leadership coaches.

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2. 1 – 1 Coaching: We are currently offering virtual coaching sessions with our experienced coaches, these sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual and are usually completed in 4 – 6 sessions.

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3. Long Term Career Coaching: This service is designed to support those individuals who may need longer term support. Together we develop a tailored package (PDP) with coaching sessions over a three month period or longer if required.

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Prices can vary depending on the number of sessions and type of coaching, as we tailor each plan to the individual.

The Human-ByDesign Difference:

When it comes to career transitioning, quite simply,  experience matters. We understand how challenging this process can be which is why we only use consultants that have a minimum of 10 years experience and are fully certified career transition coaches.

Our one-on-one approach allows us to personalize our services, offering both in-person and virtual career transition services.

Not only is our coaching team second to none, but we have also been involved in the design of Career and Interview Skills Coaching programmes for leading public sector bodies across Ireland.

The programmes we have designed such as the interview skills training programme have successfully supported hundreds of individuals over the years develop their skills, re-build their confidence and successfully transition back into the workplace.

Interview Skills Mastery – Coaching Programme:

Check out the videos’ below for insight into our Interview Skills Mastery Programme:

This is a specific part of our career transitioning programme, that teaches interview skills; because the candidate that performs best at the interview, is usually the one that gets the job!

Interview Preparation

What are your Greatest Weaknesses Interview Question

We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. We never forget that every human being is unique, and therefore requires a unique approach, tailored to the individual.

Part of our process involves using the Harrison Assessments multi-award winning diagnostic tool. This career diagnostic is used by some of the most prestigious universities and organsiations in the world, to accurately diagnose best-fit career paths and has successfully supported thousands of  individuals identify the next step career that is right for them.

At Human-ByDesign we believe career transitioning doesn’t have to be difficult, with the right coach it can be an enjoyable process of self-discovery. An opportunity to have a fresh start, move into exciting new career paths and develop new skills.

You can see samples of our Diagnostic reports here:

Career Development:

Greatest Strengths:

Sample profile mapped Marketing Branding Specialist:

Sample Profile mapped against Marketing Research Specialist:

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