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At Human-ByDesign we provide 1-2-1 career transition coaching.

If your strategy is to send out multiple CV’s and hope for the best, then, even if you have the best LinkedIn profile, it’s not always a guarantee of success. We call that the ‘spray and pray’ approach and while it might be tempting to send out as many CV’s as soon as possible, it is not usually the most affective strategy.

Our approach is to help you gain CLARITY on the next job that is the ‘Right-Fit’ for you.

We begin by supporting you to first create a VISION for your future based on a deep insight and understanding of your strengths, passions and work preferences.

A good career coach that cares about you, will not rush the process, they will take the time to identify your best options.

To find out more about the coaching background of our team, you can click on the pictures’ below.

Our Coaching Team

Brendan Franks

Consultant Partner

It is accepted that coaching can achieve changes in performance and behaviour more rapidly than other development interventions because it meets individual needs. Working one-on- one with the individual Brendan helps identify the nature of the change required and provides ongoing support.
His background includes over 13 years’ of experience in global finance and technology companies. He utilises his extensive experience in corporate environments to understand the context and weaves his business maturity into working with clients.
Brendan is passionate about working with employees and executives in order to help them maximise their potential, develop their careers and facilitate them in making empowering choices.

Sarah Miller

Consultant Partner

Having worked as MD of a number of award winning companies Sarah is well acquainted with the demands and priorities of senior managers and is able to integrate this extensive experience with her skills as a coach.
For Sarah coaching is about helping the individual develop new levels of empowerment and creating the opportunity to try out new strategies in a safe environment.
Using analytics in her coaching assists in getting to the heart of issues quicker and therefore supports her clients to identify and resolve ‘root cause’ issues faster than traditional coaching methods. Sarah believes that regardless your current life circumstances or the position you hold in an organisation, it is important to remember that you have the power to show leadership.

Padraig O'Connor

Director of Client Services

Padraig has worked successfully with hundreds of clients across a board range of sectors helping them to clarify and deliver Training and Resourcing Solutions as a result of their Business Development needs.
Through the use of his coaching skills and his ability to quickly understand the problem space; Padraig works with each client to help them identify exactly what it is they are thriving to achieve, what resourcing and training solutions are required, together with how the HA talent solution platforms could be utilised for delivery. His ability to develop lasting and productive working relationships with clients ensures solutions are customised, planned and seen through to a successful conclusion.

Leadership Coaches

Charles May

Consultant Partner

Charles May is a vastly experienced people analytics consultant and executive coach. Described by those who work with him as “A Visionary and unshakable Optimist”.
When working with the leadership team, Charles uses diagnostics to get to the heart of the issue and provide a framework for the team to better understand their people and inform HR strategy.
His mantra is to “change the world one person at a time.” and he does precisely that. Charles has coached to success the leadership teams of some of the top global companies in the world; i.e. Americana Group, GAC and many more, helping them to actualise their vison and develop a people strategy that has a profound impact on the organisation.

Sharon Miller

Managing Director

Sharon is the founder of Human-ByDesign.
Sharon holds an M.B.S. in Strategic Human Resource Management (Michael Smurfit), she has almost 20 years’ experience in the field of occupational psychology. Sharon has worked directly with a number of CEO’s and HR Executives and has overseen close to 500 assignments in the area of candidate recruitment, restructure and employee development programs, many at the senior executive levels.
She has worked in Ireland, the U.K and internationally. Her experience spans both SME’s and large corporations, including public and private sector bodies in Ireland, the U.K and internationally.
Currently Sharon is the CEO of Human-ByDesign, and acts as advisor to companies on developing assessment centres and using predictive analytics to determine the right-fit, between a job candidate and a role. She is a regular a guest speaker on the topic of using people analytics to drive better results in HR and has been featured on popular podcasts such as pursuing results: Listen here: . She has also been invited to be a ‘guest lecturer’ on the topic of using behavioural analytics for leadership development to the executive MBA programme, Michael Smurfit Business School (U.C.D.) Ireland.

Gerry Murray

Leadership & Team Development Specialist

Gerry has spent most of his career working with and advising Senior Leaders in a wide range of organisations. Along the way, he has created numerous change, learning & development and change programmes that focus on business results.
Based on his extensive experience and research, he believes the future of Talent Management lies in the quality of the data that managers have to make informed people decisions about: recruitment, development, engagement and succession planning.
Gerry has carried out major projects globally for clients such as DHL, Arcelor Mittal, Toyota, SABIC, Atlas Copco and the EU Institutions.

Throughout the coaching session, Sharon brought the report to life. Her passion for her work was very evident. Sharon enabled me to gain valuable insights and clarity in my career and I now move forward on an authentic path that will allow me stay true to myself. Thank you so much!

Fiona CaseyBusiness coach

I found the reports very helpful on two counts. It highlighted some options not previously considered, one which is now a serious option going forward. On the second count, it reinforced that the choice of career was indeed the right one. The reports provided new ideas and reassurance, both of which were welcome.

Fiona BaxterPeople and Process Ltd.

The Human-ByDesign team are friendly and approachable, we love to share our knowledge, you can contact us here:

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