Engagement & Retention

What Drives Performance in Your Organisation?
Engaged, Motivated Employees.

“One of the guys in the team needed confidence, reassurance and a pat on the back, the report showed this. If you don’t do this when managing this person, you are going to run into problems”

HR Director GAC

An Engaged Work Force Means

Talent Retention | Improved Discretionary Effort | Increased Productivity | Sustainable Growth

We’ve all been there, a lot of effort goes into sending out employee engagement surveys, they come back, but they don’t have information that the manager can actually use to effect  real change.

That’s where we come in.

Easy to Understand, Actionable Data

With HA  engagement analytics, we make it easy for you to figure out how to get the best from your employees.

Unique insight into what drives your employees …

HA analytics provides actionable data, based on the eight factors that are proven to drive employee engagement. The reports are ideal as a framework for developmental conversations between the manager and the employee.

The outcomes of these conversations are individualised development plans which ensure that the needs of the employee and the organisation are met. So, you can have ‘real conversations’ that meet both the needs of the individual and the organisation.

  • Development
  • Remuneration
  • Authority
  • Social Expectations
  • Appreciation Expectations
  • Communications Expectations
  • Personal Expectations
  • Work Life Balance

Take a deeper look

And discover how HA people analytics can help you select the best candidate for your job.

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Insight into Your Employees Unique Expectations

Customised Reporting Enable the Manager to:

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Department or Organisation Wide Employee Engagement Analytics.

Because employee engagement is critical to your organisations’s success, you will want to know which pockets of the organisation are engaged and more importantly, who isn’t. Our detailed analytics will enable your managers to quickly see areas of high or low engagement and discover what’s driving them. This tells managers exactly which levers they need to pull to create a stronger, more engaged workforce.

Super Fast Turnaround

As results come in, all the analytics are automatically generated, turnaround time is days not weeks, or months. Our technology  has the capacity to handle thousands of responses and produce results – fast, which means you can implement the decisions you need to make quickly.

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